Menopause the basics.

Hi all. Well it wasn’t the best week with the loss of my dear friend Jack. A man full of energy and joy. However I want to help people with this blog and if you are peri-menopausal you’re probably already in floods of tears at an advert on tv, so frankly this news won’t upset any more than you already are!!

So a few basics…..menopause is officially achieved after you’ve had no periods for 12 months. Of course if, like me, you had your womb ripped out via your foof, then you might be put into surgical menopause. This is the equivalent of the big dipper ride at Blackpool.  One minute your sane but in pain…the next your on an emotional roller coaster that never ends!! The phrase WTF is often appropriately applied at this time….more of this later.

If you go into menopause naturally then the period (pardon the pun) leading up to this is called the peri-menopause. Oh what fun given this can take up to 12 years to get through!!! (What the actual fuck. It’s worse than pregnancy and you could birth 14 kids in that time).

Symptoms of peri-menopause vary for each woman.

According to webMD:

Women in perimenopause have at least some these symptoms:

So if you don’t have some of those yet there is something to look forward to if you get them all!!

However I think there are some psychological symptoms missing off that list so I would add:



Panic attacks

And generally turning into a hairy bloke!!

Right. Enough for now. See you soon.

Love from Meena xx

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