I’m soooooo tired

Well the week has had it’s ups and downs. On Tuesday I finished work at 4.15 after a pretty busy 9 hour day. I logged on at 8.30am Wednesday to find I had 35 EMAILS!!!! WTF…..

I have to stop one minute to comment on the advert I’ve just seen for Vagisan. The reference to a “bothersome vagina” just cracks me up every time 😂😂😂….

I worked part time after having my first child and it was good actually. Enough time to feel massively guilty about doing work and motherhood really badly LOL.

More recently in the last 2 years I’ve worked full time. This along with 2 kids and a list of illnesses that would floor a Yetti meant I’ve never had much stamina.

The menopause has really added to this. I don’t know if this impacts others in the same way, presumably because we are all too busy buying stuff for our dry vaginas to talk about the fact we are utterly knackered.

(Do you actually have a dry vagina? I really don’t know how you tell Jenny Eclaire???)

Maybe it’s aging. Maybe it’s spawning brats way to late in life but I’ve genuinely lost my mojo. (Now I’m picturing Austin Powers, although the scene where he does a 50 point turn on his tiny car is more like me in reality).

I wonder if you ever get the energy and zest for life back? I hope so. I want to grow old disgracefully like Helen Mirren or Judy Dench on a moped flicking the “v’s” at a vicar.

I definitely don’t want to age and be beige. So there is my quest. To exercise more, lose my enormous belly, get fitter and find my mojo again.


Love Meena xx




One thought on “I’m soooooo tired

  1. I know how you feel and the advert makes me laugh so much. I’ve actually got a bothersome you know what but the more things I apply to it the worse it gets. Without getting into detail it’s the one part of my body I’m aware of 24/7.

    I work stupid hours too and it’s exhausting but more so as we get older. Plus I can’t remember half my staffs names. 😂


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